IT platform

The computing platform, specifically conceived and developed by Progettinrete for this project, uses intranet / internet technology and provides an architecture based on three environments:

  • Environment of cataloguing and control, for use by researchers
  • A process of indexing and a consolidation of data for publications
  • Public environment of publication and consultation of the database

The first environment, reserved for operators of the research unit, provides use of a file platform for the entry and management of the theatrical recreations and of related multimedia resources. Before being published online, the files are validated by the operators in charge of review.

The files, reviewed and marked for publication, are organized through a programmed procedure; the data is consolidated and normalized; procedures of indexing are carried out and then the materials are transferred to the publishing environment.

The consultation environment is made up of the website of the database; Access is open and free, as corresponds to sites that produce results of the scientific activities funded with public resources or public organizations. Respect for the principles of usability and accessibility and the adaptive design allows for the assessment and availability of data to all parties interested in the results of research.