How to search

From the home page, users can Access a complete list of recreations by clicking on the button in the centre of the screen. To undertake a search, users must expand the menú «Consult the database».

The search function allows users to locate recreations by using all the words contained in the file (inlcuding years), except for information that identifies each one. It is also not posible to search for key words in audiovisual resources.

Information that each file can contain is divided into three sections. The first, basic information on the title, authorship, language and genre of the work. The second, information about its premiere. The third, details comprising information on plot, names of characters, publications of the work, relevant bibliographic references, and finally, notes.

In the case of the work being currently performed, one can see contact information for the theatre company that is performing it in the right hand column, underneath the list of sections in the file.

If the work has available audiovisual resources, these appear under the information on its premiere, with the plus sign «+» that allows the expansion of the description of the resource.

Although the database can be consulted in Spanish, English and Italian, the content of the files is exclusively in Spanish.